Five valued reasons why Shiftrak™ is helping senior living communities fight the agency boom and the threat of admission restrictions.

Here’s how BloomTrak’s new module, ShiftTrak, can be of value to all senior living communities:

  1. Streamlines Scheduling: ShiftTrak can mitigate the challenge of staffing shortages by automating and optimizing the scheduling process, reducing the need for costly agency staff and enabling communities to efficiently manage their workforce.
  2. Real-Time Staffing Adjustments: With ShiftTrak, senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities can make real-time adjustments to their staffing levels, responding promptly to fluctuations in resident needs and census changes, thereby avoiding overstaffing or understaffing scenarios.
  3. Enhanced Staff Retention: By simplifying scheduling and reducing the administrative burden on staff, ShiftTrak helps improve the work environment, which can lead to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates.
  4. Compliance with Staffing Mandates: ShiftTrak enables facilities to better adhere to potential federal staffing mandates by providing detailed records and reports on staffing patterns, thus helping avoid penalties for non-compliance.
  5. Cost Management: As financial pressures mount, ShiftTrak offers a pathway to reduce reliance on agency staff, which is often more expensive, and helps manage operational costs more effectively, directing savings to other critical areas of resident care.

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